Song Samples


Addicted To Love

The Robert Palmer song from the 1980's. Enjoy Jeff's rendition of this crowd pleaser.

Artist: Roberts Palmer

Singer: Jeff Huston


Billy Jean

A classic from the King of Pop, at least he was then.

Artist: Michael Jackson

Singer: Steve Stabile


Can't Help Myself

This is a classic from the Four Tops. One of the many groups that we back up on occassion.

Artist: The Four Tops

Singer: Steve Stabile


Dance To the Music

A great song from a great 60's group. When you hear it you have to "Dance to the Music".

Artist: Sly and the Family Stone

Singer: Steve Stabile


David Letterman Theme

The original theme song from the David Letterman Show. This song is from his days with NBC.

Artist: Paul Shafer

Singer: Instrumental


Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me

A great song from Elton John and a perennial favorite of audiences of all ages.

Artist: Elton John

Singer: Steve Stabile



This song is the ending movement from the Chicago song "Hard to Say I'm Sorry". It's one of our favorites and a Street Players staple almost from the beginning.

Artist: Chicago

Singer: Steve Stabile


Hey Ya

The great party song from great hip hop duo of Andre' 3000 and Antwan Patton. Dance till you drop.

Artist: Outkasts

Singer: John Pollock


I'm a Believer

Whether you remeber this song from the Monkee's in the 60's or Shrek in the new millineum, either way it's a great song.

Artist: Smash Mouth

Singer: Rick Markle


Livin' on a Prayer

On the short list of rock anthem's this one is sure to make the cut. A classic song from a classic band.

Artist: Bon Jovi

Singer: Mark Morrison



This is one of our personal favorites from one of the bands the invented funk. Do you remember the 21st night of September?

Artist: Earth, Wind and Fire

Singer: Steve Stabile



From one of the greatest guitarist of all time in collaboration with one or the great singers of today Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20. This is full song and may take several minutes to download.

Artist: Carlos Santana w/Rob Thomas

Singer: Steve Stabile


Twist and Shout

Where it's the Beatles or the Isley Bros. this one's just fun to dance to.

Artist: the Beatles/Isley Brothers

Singer: Mark Morrison